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Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Theater Drachengasse Vienna, 13.10.2020, 10:05 Uhr

Theater Drachengasse Vienna [ENA] While the world is speaking about gender equality and empowerment of women the Theater Drachengasse presents to the taste of the Viennese publicum the performance which is called “Sternenfrauen” in German or "Starwomen" in English. Who are the starwomen? Obviously, women which have some connections to the starts and to the universe. These are women who are researching about activities of the sun and other stars.   [Full story...]

Blue Moon you saw...

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Odeon Theater, 10.10.2020, 09:53 Uhr

Odeon Theater [ENA] ‘We are all lonely and nobody will die for us” – said the French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre a while ago. “Blue Moon you saw…” is a masterpiece about loneliness, about being even more lonely in society and company of people than alone. The piece shows several protagonists, young men and women. They are all struggling with feelings and emotions but there is nobody who would hear them.   [Full story...]

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