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A bridge between two cultures

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Vienna, Austria, 06.12.2019, 13:32 Uhr
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Vienna, Austria [ENA] On the 30th of November the doors of the imperial palace Hofburg opened for the 13th Moscow ball. The Moscow ball, which takes place every year in Vienna starting from 2007, is organized in parallel with the Viennese ball, which takes place in Moscow starting from 2003. These balls are not only a prove of connections between two cities but they are also a wonderful opportunity to promote dancing culture.

According to the Viennese mayor Dr. Ludwig, these balls are also an opportunity to promote cultural background of both countries. According to the mayor of Moscow, Dr. Sobyanin, the Moscow and the Viennese balls are perfect opportunities to create new connections, friendships and business opportunities. This year the Viennese ball in Moscow was dedicated to the 150th year anniversary of the Viennese State Opera. The next year the 14th Moscow ball will take place in Vienna. This would be a wonderful opportunity to visit Vienna and also to enjoy various Christmas markets which are open everywhere in Vienna city center at the time when the ball takes place.

The Moscow and Viennese balls are occupying already for several year a decent place in the cultural and societal life of both cities. It also has a mission to strengthen friendship and trust between people of Vienna and Moscow. Besides classical and modern dancing music, which provided a great opportunity for everybody who loves dancing to swing over the dancing floor, the ball was enlightened by performances of various artists.

Alexander Volchkov, one of the major ballet dancers of the Bolschoi Theater, and Eleonora Sevenard performed at the opening of the ball. The Original Vienna Strauss Capelle played in historical costumes of musicians from the times of the Austrian emperor Franz Josef. Andrey Ankudinov is one of the best performers of the French Chansons music in Russia who was recognized by Michel Legrand and Charles Aznavour was signing during this evening. Andrey Chitu is a champion of Austria for Latin American dances conducted the ceremony of introduction of debut dancers to the culture of Viennese balls.

The Ball also benefited from the performance of the Vladimir Dmitruk and Maria Nazarova – both famous Russian opera singers who performed in various places from Los Angeles to Vienna State Opera. The highlight of the ball was the show of Russian traditional costumes with the title “Philosophy of Ethno Elegance”. During the show various costumes from different regions of Russia were presented. All costumes come from the historical collection of “Lively museum of Russian costumes of Alla Denissova”. The ethnographic component was strengthened by the ensemble of traditional music of the Gnessin Academy, the major music academy in Russia to study traditional music.

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