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Fascinating ethnic theater with stunning acrobatic skills

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Acrobatic theater Little China Girl
Acrobatic theater Little China Girl  Bild: Chinese National Circle

Various locations in Austria [ENA] The Little China Girl is the acrobatic theater show where the colourful show is combined with the music of David Bowie and fascinating ethnic elements. The show will be performed by the Chinese National Circus in various locations throughout Austria in September and October 2022.

The concept of the show is based on the well-established and innovative tradition of the Chine acrobatic with stunning elements and high acrobat skills of Chinese artists. The idea of the show is based around the Shakespeare’s famous love story of Romeo and Julia. To make the show even more exiting, the authors put the action to the New York city which is famous for its ethnical heterogeneity and vibrant social life. New York city is also known for conflicts which took place between various ethnical groups living there. For example, the West Side Story is also talking about conflicts between various social groups and a great love which is stronger than conflicts.

The story of the Little China Girl takes place in the Little Italy of New York where various ethnical groups and Chinese migrants are having several conflicts. The Chinese girl Dou Dou and the Italian man love each other. Their tender and devoted love is developing in the fascinating ethnical atmosphere of backyards, cook-shops, junk shops and and elegant restaurants in Manhattan's Chinatown. Their love is eternal and is much stronger than all social conflicts which surround them.

The Little China Girl is a really exiting show which is based on the moving story and strong feelings but also includes the colorful background of the ethnical locations which bring spectators to a journey through exotic countries. The show also includes famous Chinese acrobatic which exists in China already for more than 2000 years and is a real sensation which goes beyond the gravitational forces and unites body, spirit, and soul. Already more than 10 million of visitors had a chance to enjoy the spectacular Chinese acrobatic throughout Europe over the last 30 years.

This show which takes place in Austria includes all famous elements of the Chinese acrobatic such as beautiful snake girls, elegant handstand artists, charismatic vase jugglers, clowns, and acrobats. This show like a magical kaleidoscope brings together various elements in a colorful mosaic when West meets East, Circus meets Musical, Magic amazes, Artists enchant, comedy unites with poetry and music. The show will take place this autumn in Vienna (28.09), Amstetten (29.09), Klagenfurt (30.09), Weiz (14.10), Bad Ischl (20.10), Salzburg (21.10) and Linz (25.10). Further information can be found at or

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