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Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova and Alexander Amann Diverse cinemas in Vienna, 21.11.2022, 21:51 Uhr
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Diverse cinemas in Vienna [ENA] The 34th Kinder Film Fest (Movie Festival for Children) is, just like its 33rd predecessor, a complete success! The festival, which takes place from the 12th to the the 20th of November is running in several cinemas in Vienna including Cinemagic, Votiv Kino and Cine Center. The festival offered a variety of movies for every age and every taste. This is a real fest of pluralism and diversity.

For example, during the festival it is possible for go hunting for honey with a family of bears in a cartoon for the small children, to experience adventures of traveling circus together with Laura for school children or tremble together with problems of couples with diverse orientation or people being in risky and challenging environment n suburbs of Paris in movies for teenagers. Here are three favorite movies.

Mini-Zlatan und der liebste Onkel der Welt (Mini Zlatan and the dearest uncle in the world). Ella, a Swedish girl, has no friends except her dearest Uncle Tomy. Her life with him seems perfect. But then comes Steve, Tomy's friend. A rival? Ella immediately begins to hatch plans to drive Steve away. Gradually, however, Ella has to learn that they can both be (more than) friends with Tomy.

Mein ganz eigener Zirkus (My very own circus): Laura, the daughter of a clown, has been traveling the world with her father, Bill. They spent in a trailer all their life, entertaining young children at county fairs. But one day this constant instability becomes too much for Laura and she wishes to live in a real house and go to a good school. Will freedom-loving Bill agree to this?

Der Kämpfer (The Fighter). Dylan and Youssef are best friends. They are both passionate about soccer and dream of one day winning the Touzani Cup. But then a terrible accident happens: Dylan is tied to a wheelchair forever because of a tragic accident. Unable to accept the fact that he will certainly never walk again, let alone play football, he blames Youssef, who is gradually becoming the boss of the team. Will the two friends be able to put their differences aside before the team contests the Touzani Cup? Will Dylan and Youssef remain friends? In conclusion, showing modern international films in Vienna's old historic cinemas is a wonderful idea!

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