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Soul Sisters

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Viennese Metropol [ENA] "Soul Sisters" is a new musical performed in the famous Viennese Metropol which brings into play glorious songs of Tina Turner, Diana Ross and many others. The musical also includes the modern Austrian background and even a bit of touch of political movements and stories. The entire performance takes place in a mysterious castle, one of those rooms is produced with all details on the stage.

The musical keynote of the new Metropol Musical is soul music - partly old, partly new, partly bluesy, partly funky, but always catchy. The musical is called "Soul Sisters" not only because of the music and strong voices of the artists on the stage but also because of the main story it is built around. The story is about two sisters who were soul sisters, they were singing together, they were supporting each other. But times brought them apart with hardly giving them an opportunity to communicate. The old castle which they inherit together aims to bring them together again. Indeed this was an idea of their old uncle who gave sisters the castle as a heritage and those ghost is appearing throughout the performance.

The Viennese Metropol Club is a historic cultural institution located in Vienna, Austria. It was founded as a venue for cabaret and theater performances, and over the years it has hosted many notable artists and performers. Over the years, the Viennese Metropol Club has been an important cultural hub in the city, attracting both locals and tourists with its diverse range of performances. Today, the Viennese Metropol Club continues to be an important cultural institution in Vienna, hosting a wide range of events throughout the year. From theater performances to concerts and cabaret shows, the club offers something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the arts and culture of Vienna.

The roles of the sisters as well as other characters of the musical were performed by Carin Filipčić, Claudia Rohnefeld, Dagmar Bernhard, Reinwald Kranner, Martin Oberhauser and Petra Kreuzer. The musical was based on the idea and the book of Markus Gull and Peter Hofbauer. The performance was realised by Irene Höllwerth and Petra Kreuzer. The music arrangements were settled by Max Hagler and the design of the stage and light as well as costumes were provided by Sam Madwar and Sabine Wiesenbauer as well as by Inge Stolterfoth. The musical is a real lady power musical with inspiring performance of the artists, beautiful songs and a fascinating story.

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