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The bird who burned its wings

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Kammeropera of Vienna, 23.05.2022, 23:04 Uhr
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Kammeropera of Vienna [ENA] The Enoch Arden opera from Ottmar Gerster is being performed in the Kammer Oper Wien. The story is written after the English romantic Ballade of Alfred Tennyson. Roland Geyer in his performance developed the story of a lost man on the lonely island which is an allegory of emotions and feelings of loneliness and memories of the past. The regie, stage and video are coming from David Haneke.

David Haneke created really fascinating and very realistic world of the video installations at the stage while putting the spectators into the atmosphere of a British port of the nineteen’s century or of a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. David Haneke made several projections for theater, opera, dance and music. The story of the flight of Icarus is one of the most famous Greek myths. Icarus, the young man, wanted to come to the sun as close as possible. He was flying high, he burned his wings and felt down into the sea. Was Icarus stupid or vain? No, he realized his dream.

The story of Enoch Arden is like Icarus. He was happy. He had two most important things for him in live, his two Annamaries, one was his woman and another one was his ship. He was leading happy life in a small mill in peace while having his wife and child around him. But he also was dreaming of the sea, of adventure, of conquering the space, of being stronger than the nature. On this day he decided to go to the sea on his ship another time. As he told himself, his last time and then to return to peaceful life in a cozy windmill with small windows.

However this turned indeed to be his last time. The storm broke his ship, and he was left alone on an island. Days passed by after days. He survived. However he was left, forgotten. In this eternal fight for survival twelve years passed by. These twelve years his Annamarie was waiting for him but she lost her hope. A friend of Enoch married he and took care of her children. On the day when the son of Enoch had to go his first time to the sea Enoch Arden managed to come back. To find out that the life going on without him and that his wife even did not recognize him. He speaks to his friend who asks him not to destroy the happy life which they built in the absence of Enoch. This situation broke the Enoch’s heart.

The story of Enoch Arden and Annamarie is being interpreted in the music by Markus Butter and Valentina Petraeva. Markus Butter is a bassbariton who despite his young age already performed in the most famous opera houses in Europe such as Semperoper Dresden, Royal Opera House London or Teatro alla Scala in Milano. On the stage he manages not only to take spectators to inspiring journey with his strong and colorful voice but also with his artistic play and dramaturgy of moves. The Russian soprano singer Valentina Petraeva is really brilliant in this role. Her interpretation of the arias of Annamarie leaves spectators with strong feelings doe to her magical voice. Valentina comes from Moscow where she won in the famous Magomaev Foundation.

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