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The Puppet, Theater-Centre Forum

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Vienna, 10.03.2020, 08:07 Uhr
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Vienna [ENA] The Puppet is a comedy of the Croatian author Miro Gavran, which was shown on the 5th of March at the Theater-Center Forum in Vienna. The Puppet is a comedy and a tragedy at the same time and has several layers and interpretations. From the first look, the content is rather grotesque. A lonely man with the name Marco is frustrated that his relationships with women did not work up.

Therefore, he decided to go for a human robot who would satisfy all his needs. Being lucky, he received the robot for the period of six months. The virtuous performance of Adriana Zartl and Christian Strasser show the development of relationships between Marco and the robot, who received the name Stella. The performance opens several lines of interpretation. First is about traditional view of the role of a woman. Cooking, cleaning and sexual satisfaction – this is all what Marco is wishing from his girlfriend and the robot is performing her duties saying that “she was programmed like this”. Here we can find a sign to traditional education which “programmed” girls for his role as a housewife.

The development of the play shows that Stella did not have any future in this role as she could not go out to the street, could not go to visit the relatives of Marco, her wishes were not important and were not taken seriously and Marco would not even gain her a good talk after dinner, after she cooked and cleaned up for him. The second story line is about rights of Artificial Intelligence machines and robots. The theater play shows so horrible scenes of power abuse against the robot Stella however she is not aware that something is wrong here.

Probably power abuse from the human perspective but still in times when artificial intelligence only starts gaining momentum the question appears which rights do robots have and what is a “human and descent” treatment of robots who come into power of people who own them. The third story line is about relationship between people in general in frames of modern consumption-oriented society. The play shows the lack of interest towards the needs and personalities of other people from the side of Marco. Only his interests and the usage what he can get out of other people, only how other people or robots can satisfy his needs count for Marco. And, finally, he remained alone. Even the robot Stella left him.

The fact which motivated Marco also open the eyes to needs of the people around him. The theater play is a fantastic kaleidoscope of comedy, satire and partly tragedy when the spectator does not know if she or he should laugh or cry. Without any doubt it will leave nobody untouched and the evening spent at Theater-Center Forum is certainly worth it, not only to enjoy the great performing arts of two artists but also to keep thinking about the content of the play afterwards.

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