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Three moments of happiness

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Vienna Concert Hall, 25.06.2020, 16:52 Uhr
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Vienna Concert Hall [ENA] Combination of three events made my day unforgettable and me feeling unbelievably happy. These were the opening of the Vienna Concert Hall after the pandemic emergency closure, the music of Beethoven and fantastic play of Julian Rachlin. So Julian Rachlin was playing music of Beethoven in freshly re-opened Vienna Concert Hall. But describing one after another with more details.

The opening of the Vienna Concert Hall took place a couple of days ago, after it was closed for around two months due the pandemic emergency. The Vienna Concert Hall itself was constructed in 1913. This is an Art Nouveau building with four different concert halls, from which the largest one has capacity for 1.840 people. The Vienna Concert Hall is known not only for inspiring concerts and gorgeous events but also for music festivals.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on On December 16, 1770. This year is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday and Vienna offers a great variety of events throughout the year dedicated to this great composer. The Beethoven revolutionary music is heard everywhere in Vienna in the year 2020. In the Vienna Concert Hall Beethoven is presented by the Vienna Symphoniker. The programme ranges from the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on New Year’s Day to many other inspiring works of this great composer.

A “virtuoso”, this is how Julian Rachlin was named by several newspapers. Violinist, violist and conductor Julian Rachlin is one of the most exciting and respected musicians of our time. In the first thirty years of his career, he has performed as soloist with the world's leading conductors and orchestras. Julian Rachlin plays the 1704 "ex Liebig" Stradivari and a 1785 Lorenzo Storioni viola, on loan to him courtesy of the Dkfm. Angelika Prokopp Privatstiftung.

Julian Rachlin has several activities and contributed to development of our society. For instance, in 2010 he became a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF with the mission to educate the next generation of classical music lovers. In 2012 he performed together with the orchestra in Sao Paulo in Brazil which was comprised of young musicians from the favela of Heliopolis. Julian also gave master classes and visited the favelas of Morro Dona Marta and Rocinha in Rio. Julian is also an organizer of the Julian Rachlin and Friends Festival which is an annual two-week event held in late August/September in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which serves as a platform for creative and vibrant projects with today’s leading musicians and actors.

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