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World of Sensual Pleasures

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Hofburg Palace, Vienna, 26.11.2022, 08:32 Uhr
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Hofburg Palace, Vienna [ENA] The Coffee Makers Ball is one of the oldest and most famous balls during the Viennese Ball Seasons. This year the 64th Coffee Maker Ball will find place on the 3rd of February in the magnificent Hofburg Palace in the heart of Vienna. The motto of this current ball is the "World of Sensual Pleasures". The smell of freshly brewed coffee together with tasty freshly backed Viennese pastries aims to awoke various senses.

Fresh coffee, beautiful decoration, tasty food, music and good communication - all these small moments make our life shiny with tastes of pleasure, bring lights of joy during the winter February month. The Coffee Makers Ball following the ancient Viennese tradition of coffee making but also of enjoying life during ball season. The Club of Vienna Coffee Makers is a keeper of the ancient Viennese tradition of coffee making to guarantee that this tradition will not disappear during the hectic of the modern life and will remain in its beauty while giving pleasure moments during the everyday routines. This year the 64th Coffee Makers Ball will be a special event because it will activate all senses through a fascinating program.

Several Austrian and international artists were invited to join the ball program. Without doubts the highest, a real climax of the ball will be formed around the performance "Bacchanal" by Charles Camille Saint-Saëns. The ballet music for this performance comes from the opera "Samson and Dalila", the choreography of the ballet was developed by Lukas Gaudernak. The ball will also include the traditional for the Viennese balls opening ceremony with participation of young people and the famous dancing school of Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer.

The Opera Ball Orchestra together with the Bernd Fröhlich Orchestra will ensure that the ball will be an unforgettable experience for all people fascinated by music. The ladies duet under the direction of Laszlo Gyüker and accompanied by the Opera Ball Orchestra will celebrate the midnight. And after this, at 01.00 in the Ceremonyhall the ball visitor will enjoy the Hommage under the musical direction of Béla Fischer on the famous musical composer Cole Porter who is known for his elegant style. The visitors who will stay throughout the night until the end of the Ball will experience a spectacular surprise by the end of the ball.

The Coffee Makers Ball is not only a magnificent cultural and societal event but it is also a charity project. During this year a charity project of Caritas will be supported. It is called "Learning Coffee House" which is open for learning and afternoon activities for children across Austria. The activities are provided free of charges and in the middle of this activity is the healthy life style with creation of awareness about healthy food among children. The tickets to the Coffee Makers Ball could be purchased following the link The 64th Coffee Makers Ball will take place on the 3rd of February 2023 at the premises of the Hofburg Palace

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