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35th Kinderfilmfest

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Various cinemas of Vienna, 19.11.2023, 21:02 Uhr
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Various cinemas of Vienna [ENA] The 35th Kinderfilmfest, unfolding as a triumphant successor to its 34th edition, graces various theaters in Vienna from November 11th to the 19th. This festival takes place every year. This cinematic celebration, hosted at esteemed venues such as Cinemagic, Votiv Kino, and Cine Center, stands out for its commitment to offering a rich array of films catering to diverse age groups and tastes.

The festival serves as a true testament to pluralism and cultural diversity in the realm of cinema. One of the distinctive features setting Kinderfilmfest apart is its dedication to showcasing movies from different countries in their original languages, complemented by live German translation. This linguistic tapestry enriches the viewing experience, providing audiences with authentic narratives while bridging cultural gaps.

At the heart of this cinematic extravaganza are three standout films, each encapsulating the essence of the festival in its own unique way. 1. Juniors: In "Juniors," we follow the story of Jordan and Patrick, immersed in online combat games, who find themselves in a predicament when their gaming console malfunctions. Facing financial constraints, they ingeniously leverage Jordan's shaved head to create a fake video soliciting donations for a non-existent cancer treatment. Overnight, the entire school becomes aware of Jordan's alleged illness, transforming the former outsider into a recipient of sympathy and loyalty. However, navigating the complexities of an increasingly intricate web of lies proves to be a daunting challenge.

2. Meeresleuchten: "Meeresleuchten" takes the audience on a mesmerizing tale of love for the sea and unwavering determination. Lena, a fearless sailor in competitions, shares this passion with her father, Antoine, a dedicated fisherman. Their idyllic world shatters when Antoine and his crew fail to return one fateful day. Lena, convinced that her father is blameless, embarks on a quest to prove that a colossal sea monster, not human error, caused the tragic incident. This quest becomes an obsessive journey, intertwining with Lena's determination to preserve her father's memory untarnished.

3. Popular Theory: "Popular Theory" delves into the dynamics of intellect and social isolation in Erwin's world. A highly gifted high school student, Erwin finds solace in conversations with a poster of Erwin Schrödinger hanging in her room. The arrival of Winston, an equally sharp-minded student, disrupts Erwin's solitary routine. Hesitant at first, Erwin and Winston join forces to develop a chemical substance for a school competition that promises to revolutionize the social hierarchy within the school. This collaboration becomes a transformative journey, challenging existing norms.

These narratives, each unique in theme and execution, exemplify the Kinderfilmfest's commitment to presenting a diverse selection of international films. From the complexities of teenage deception to the relentless pursuit of truth beneath the waves and the exploration of academic prowess transforming social dynamics, these films offer a kaleidoscope of human experiences. In conclusion, the concept of showcasing modern international films in Vienna's historic cinemas is a commendable initiative. By intertwining contemporary narratives with the grandeur of historical venues, the Kinderfilmfest creates a captivating and culturally enriching cinematic experience.

This convergence of old and new, tradition and innovation, enhances Vienna's cultural tapestry and provides audiences with a unique opportunity to explore the world through the lens of diverse filmmakers. The festival's commitment to linguistic authenticity, live translation, and a thoughtful curation of films ensures a rich and immersive experience for attendees. Whether one seeks the charm of animated tales, the emotional depth of family dramas, or the intellectual stimulation of high school dynamics, the Kinderfilmfest offers a cinematic journey that transcends borders and resonates with the universal language of storytelling.

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