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Andreas Gabalier at the Sea Stage in Mörbisch

Verantwortlicher Autor: Alexander Amann and Nadejda Komendantova Mörbisch, 01.08.2022, 13:57 Uhr
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Andreas Georg Gabalier at the Sea Stage in Mörbisch
Andreas Georg Gabalier at the Sea Stage in Mörbisch  Bild: Nadejda Komendantova

Mörbisch [ENA] Andreas Gabalier could be compared to Elvis Presley due to his charm and success of his performances. He is a real Austrian spectators darling with several fans coming to enjoy his concerts like this one which took place during a wonderful warm summer night.

Andreas Georg Gabalier born on is one of the most successful Austrian singers of folk music. Born 21.11.1984, he grew up under the care of his parents (Wilhelm and Huberta) in Graz. In 2008 Gabalier, then still a student of jazz, released his first two songs. Over the years, Gabalier worked his way up the career ladder until he reached the status for Austrian music that he still holds today. His success story seems perfect, but he was also facing some criticism. Nevertheless, Gabalier collected numerous awards on his way, for example: 7 times the Amadeus Award, the Karl Valentin Order and 3 times the ECHO Pop.

This enormous number of awards can be explained by the great diversity of his songs. He writes partly cheerful hits (Hulapalu), but also sad ballads (Amoi seg' ma uns wieder), which commemorate his sister and his father. Since 2008 in the music business, he provides with his songs again and again for headlines in the domestic press. Especially the already mentioned songs "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" and "Hulapalu" are particularly well known.

Gabalier performed these and many other songs (including those from his latest album "Ein neuer Anfang") at his concert, which took place on 29.7 at the Seebühne Mörbisch. Initiated by Alfons Haider, it can be said that this concert was a complete success for all involved. Almost continuously, 5000 enthusiastic fans stood and loudly bawled along (together with the folk rock'n'roll icon, finally reunited after the Corona break). The concert took place at the majestic surrounding of the Neusiedler Sea in Mörbisch.

All in all, Gabalier provided with his performance for good mood and memories! Together with his music the complex stage setting, and video show created the feeling of festival and the warmth of the Austrian traditional culture. Publicum was also an important part of the performance while creating good atmosphere of dancing, a sea of lights, movements with the music and the colorful kaleidoscope of wonderful Austrian national dresses which are called trachten, in translation “traditional costumes”.

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