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Grafenegg [ENA] The concert performance of any opera is aways linked with high expectations in terms of quality of voices, orchestra and stage acting of singers to complement the absent staging. This is of particular relevance in case of operas with recitatives. The Beethoven's only opera named Fidelio, virtuously performed in frames of the Grafenegg Festival, is being no exception.

Those spectators of the Grafenegg Festival who did not skim and participated at the introduction to of the Fidelio opera performed at the 16th Opening of Grafenegg Festival carefully beforehand, found themselves in a baffling state as all traditional recitatives were replaced by Walter Jens' Rocco's Stories' masterfully read out by the prominent Austrian actor Peter Simnischek.

With seemingly endless crescendo disrupted Jonas Kaufmann the second act brining the sense of despair and hopelessness on otherwise empty stage. His voice intense and subtle pictured the tragic destiny of an unfairly incarcerated Florestan. Sinead Campbell-Wallace, British soprano, who replaced Anja Kampe, convinced with warmth and steel of her voice as well as solid stage presence. At the same time, hardly any affection was displayed towards the one she sacrified and risked her life for. Musically and vocally aligned, there was barely any chemistry between the two, despite Florestan's vain emotional attempts to reunite with his much craved Leonore.

On another hand Don Pizarro embodied by Falk Stuckmann filled the amphitheatre not only with bold crookishness but also with charming naturality and entertainment. Gstaad Festival Orchestra under Jap van Zweden fulfilled their role diligently and with certain level of emotional involvement. Brno Czech Philharmonic Choir under Petr Fiala impressed with its rare interventions, especially in the famous Prisoner's Chorus. Still one wished more unity and articulation between the choir and orchestra in the finale to have this day and hour utterly blessed. Nevertheless, with innovative flair, splendid cast and constantly threatening rain, this starless night will stay in the memory of many as rarely stellar experience.

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