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Giulio Cesare in Egitto

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, 20.10.2023, 17:25 Uhr
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Teatro dell'Opera di Roma [ENA] Giulio Cesare in Egitto is an opera written by one of the greatest composers Georg Friedrich Händel. This wonderful example of baroque opera was put into a new exiting context during the performance at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma with really impressive scenic effects of modern arts. The voices of Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, Raffaele Pe, Mary Bevan and Sara Mingardo turned this performance into a real jewell of opera art

Giulio Cesare in Egitto which is also known as Giulio Cesare is ne of Handel's most famous and enduring works. It was first performed in 1724 in London and since then there have been various productions and adaptations, each with its own interpretation and staging, making it a versatile and enduring work in the world of opera. The opera is set in ancient Egypt and is loosely based on historical events surrounding Julius Caesar's visit to Egypt in 48-47 BC and his involvement with Cleopatra. However, the libretto takes significant artistic liberties with the historical narrative to create a dramatic and engaging story.

The plot revolves around the conflict between Julius Caesar and Ptolemy XIII, Cleopatra's brother and co-ruler of Egypt, and the love affair between Caesar and Cleopatra. It explores themes of power, love, and political intrigue. This opera is celebrated for its beautiful arias and duets, as well as its vocal virtuosity. Some of its most famous arias include "V'adoro, pupille" and "Piangerò la sorte mia" sung by Cleopatra, and "Va tacito e nascosto" sung by Caesar.

The opera is one of the best examples of the so-called Baroque opera which is known for its ornamental melodies and intricate vocal embellishments. Singers often improvised or embellished their arias, demonstrating their vocal virtuosity. During the performance at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma spectators had a pleasure to enjoy voices of Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen as well as of Raffaele Pe, Mary Bevan, Sara Mingardo and others at their full spectrum. This was supported by the orchestra of the teatro as a a prominent feature of Baroque opera is the basso continuo, which consists of a bass line played by a bass instrument (such as a cello or bassoon) and a keyboard instrument (usually a harpsichord or organ) that provided harmonic support.

George Frideric Handel was one of the most prominent composers of Baroque opera which laid the groundwork for the evolution of opera into the Classical period, with composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Christoph Willibald Gluck making important contributions. Over time, opera continued to evolve, with different styles and periods, including the Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras, each bringing its own innovations and changes to the art form.

The direction of Rinaldo Alessandrini and Damiano Michieletto created an unforgettable experience of the baroque opera, with best voices and traditional orchestra environment but also with the most modern scene and stage pictures which really keep in mind for long time period and raise strong feelings within spectators. Paolo Fantin developed the stage and Agostino Cavalca was responsible for costumes, Alessandro Carletti for light and Thomas Wilhelm for choreography.

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