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Mind, Mythos and Muse

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova and Alexander Amann National Victoria Gallery of Melbourne, 28.01.2023, 08:11 Uhr
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National Victoria Gallery of Melbourne [ENA] The exhibition "Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse" is the first major Australian exhibition to explore the work of the boundary-pushing fashion designer Alexander McQueen. It is organised by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). The exhibition includes 60 garments and accessories from the LACMA’s and 50 works from the NGV collections.

McQueen's designs were often described as dark and gothic, with a strong focus on tailoring and a bold use of color and print. He was also known for his interest in historical and cultural references, incorporating elements of Victorian, Edwardian, and medieval styles into his work. McQueen's work was highly sought-after by celebrities, and he dressed a number of high-profile clients, including Madonna, Nicole Kidman, and Björk. He also collaborated with other artists and designers, such as milliner Philip Treacy and shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

McQueen's work was also recognized by the fashion industry, receiving numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. In 1996, he won the British Fashion Award for "British Designer of the Year," and he went on to win the award four more times. In 2003, he was appointed a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for his contributions to the fashion industry. Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer known for his innovative and provocative designs. He was a master tailor and his designs were known for their theatricality, shock value, and boundary-pushing. McQueen's work was highly sought-after by celebrities and was recognized by the fashion industry with numerous awards and accolades.

McQueen passed away at a young age but his legacy lives on through his brand and the impact he made on the fashion industry. McQueen's legacy continues to live on through his eponymous brand, which is now overseen by creative director Sarah Burton. Burton, who worked closely with McQueen during his career, has continued to produce collections that reflect the designer's signature aesthetic and approach to fashion.

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