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The 25th Vienna Jazz Floor

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Various clubs in Vienna [ENA] The 25th Vienna Jazz Floor is approaching. This will be the entire month of jazz and blues which will take place in nine various locations in Vienna with over 130 concerts during the entire November, starting from the 1st of November and until the 30th of November. This will be an anniversary festival and will include such stars as Shanna Waterstown, who is one of the greatest voices in Blues, Eric Steckel and others

The festivak will start with the Lew Tabackin, who is currently 83 and who is a real legend playing together with such music giants as Cab Calloway, Elvin Jones or Hoe Henderson. Other great concerts include Earl Okin, Carole Alston, Renato Chicco, Joris Dudli, Essiet Essiet, Rossano Sportiello and many others. The club locations will include such famous venues as Reigen, Tunnel, Martinschlössl, Sargfabrik, Gemischte Satz and ZWE. Further information is available at:

The story of this jazz festival is long. In the mid-90s of the last century, there was a lot going on when it came to jazz in the federal capital - the JazzFest Vienna was one of the most important on the continent, and the big names were taking to the stage in the clubs. It all worked out somehow until one of them got a particularly strong financial boost for a new address. A thoroughly honorable project, but also fatal for the others, without support from the city. Cries for help fell on deaf ears. Some people then sat down in the Salettl in the summer of 1998 to discuss further strategy. Wolfgang Windbacher from Reigen was there, Axel Melhardt from Jazzland, Michael Satke from Red Angel, and “Papa” Fink from ZU-GA-BE.

Result: A huge advertisement in the standard that drew attention to the situation. The same thing was then discovered by Viennese cultural policy. And a solution was found: the association JAZZ WIEN interest group - IG-Jazz for short - was founded in the autumn and there was a first joint campaign. The following year, in 1999, the first real festival took place. Not all of the twelve clubs that took part at the time no longer exist - but overall: the Viennese club scene has survived thanks to this initiative. And the support from the city of Vienna that continues to this day.

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